Choosing the right headset delivers better customer service, greater staff comfort and increased productivity, together with a better return on your investment. So before choosing a headset make sure you can answer the following questions.


1. Do you want sound in one or both ears?

Choosing a monaural headset gives you sound in one ear. This allows you to hear what is going on around you and to stay in touch with your colleagues. However if you work in a noisy environment and need to concentrate on your call then a binaural headset where sound is in both ears enables you to focus on your call better.

2. How noisy is your working environment?

If you work in a busy or open plan office then a headset with a noise cancelling or ultra-noise cancelling microphone will eliminate virtually all background noise, which would otherwise be transmitted to your caller. This improves the call experience for you and the caller, eliminating needless repetition and safeguarding the confidentiality of the information exchanged.

3. What device(s) do you want to connect to?

Many businesses now want multiple connectivity to PC, laptop and mobile as well as to the traditional desk phone. Consider which devices you want to connect to today and potentially in the future to protect your investment. There are many options available. Talk to us to find your perfect headset solution.

Soundshield 4G

4. What level of hearing protection do you need?

Your headset alone does not provide complete acoustic protection. To guarantee this you will need an additional barrier device. Noise at work compliance may also be a consideration. If you want to find out more about acoustic safety, contact us and we will be happy to help.

5. Do you want a corded or a wireless headset?

Corded headsets allow you to multi-task at your desk. However, if you want the freedom to move around the office whilst on a call, a wireless solution will allow you to communicate without being tied to your desk. If talk-time is an issue, or you are desk sharing, then choosing the appropriate wireless headset solution is important. Do ask us for advice.

6. Which wearing style do you prefer?

In our experience the headband headset is the most popular headset style. However ‘over the ear' and neckband headsets are available for those who prefer a headset to be more discreet. If you are considering this type of wearing style you should always look at other factors before you make your decision. For example, consider whether an 'over the ear' headset might cause discomfort over an extended period if you wear glasses.


Some manufacturers offer a 3-in-1 convertible headset solution. For example the Jabra Biz 2400 allows a company to standardise on a single headset whilst letting their users choose which styling option they prefer.

Specialist headsets are also available for the hard of hearing and visually impaired. Speak to us for more information.

7. Where can I get the best advice and support?

Ensure that you speak with an accredited partner. Partners have trained staff and the full support of the headset manufacturers whose products they offer. Look out for the accreditation logos. Speak with experts, buy from reputable sources. Have peace of mind.

Take a look at some examples of different types of headset available in our webshop.

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Clean and refurbishment service

Where businesses need to reallocate working headsets, we offer a clean and refurbishment service. As long as the headsets are in full working order, this service can be carried out on headsets that are in or out of warranty. Thorough cleaning of all parts and replacement of consumables such as ear cushions ensures that your headsets meet health and safety standards for staff.

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