Soundshield Wireless is a noise limiting wireless headsets that gives the user the freedom of having a wireless headset while benefiting from the best in acoustic safety.







Sonaron Shriek Rejection Software

This software provides you with total protection from acoustic shock caused by sudden loud or high pitched sounds. This means that any sudden loud noises will never r­each the ear of your headset user.

Sound Level Limiter

The sound level limiter will protect users from long-term exposure to loud noise and ensures that the average daily noise exposure for an eight hour day is under 85dB. This ensures compliance with the noise at work regulations and the EU legal limit.

HD Wideband Sound

Through DSP technology you are provided with the best HD Wideband which will deliver you with excellent voice quality and intelligibility.

Conference Call and Supervisor Coaching

Automatic pairing will occur by docking any Soundshield Wireless headsets to any base unit. This will enable you to listen to calls for training either side-by-side or from the comfort of your own desk as well as conduct conference calls. You can conference call up to 4 headsets on one base unit.

Up to 150m Wireless Range

A 150m distance wireless range provides you with the flexibility to perform other duties while on a call, such as seeking assistance from a supervisor or retrieving documents from the printer.

More than 13 hours Talk Time

The Soundshield Wireless provides 13 plus hours of talk time in narrowband mode and 9 hours in wideband mode. It has an intelligent battery which means that the closer the headset is to the Soundshield, the less battery power it will use.

Ergonomic Colour Touchscreen Display

Due to this display, you will be provided with optimum comfort to easily change settings, such as: volume control, microphone level, tone, display, mute and the PC to Desk Phone switcher.

Add-in available:

Sound Data Analysis Available

In order to prove that you are adhering to the Noise at Work Act and providing your staff with the best acoustic safety possible, Soundstat software lets you easily read and analyse data (also known as noise dosimetry data) in graphs. Data is collected every minute so you can identify noise events and protect yourself from legal action.

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