Soundstat is a software tool that is used alongside Soundshield 4G and the Soundshield Wireless to collect noise dosimetry data.

What is Noise Dosimetry?

Noise dosimetry is the measurement of noise in decibels. By measuring this noise it is possible to pinpoint the amount of time a user is exposed to high decibel levels and when they have been exposed to ‘shrieks’ which is the cause of acoustic shock.

Why is this important to you?

The Soundstat reveals the decibel levels of unprocessed sound (sound exposure if the Soundshield was not there), and decibel levels for processed sound (sound that has been altered by the Soundshield). This is very useful as it will allow you to see the true impact that the Soundshield makes.  This software provides proof of compliance with the noise at work directive.


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