The Challenge

Reality HR are a busy, business focussed HR consultancy that provide bespoke HR solutions to their clients. As a growing business taking on more clients and employees alike, they needed to streamline some of their internal processes to not only make their service more efficient, but also to relieve some of the strain on their employees.

For example, consultants spent a large proportion of their day on the phone with clients, taking notes as they spoke. This meant that they were cradling the phone between their heads and shoulders, which resulted in neck and back strain.

Working in a busy, open plan office meant that they also experienced a lot of ambient noise levels which were distracting to the consultants and did not always give clients the best impression.

The Solution

We invited Reality HR’s Director Sally-Ann Hall-Jones to our office to see wireless technology in action.

Straight away she observed that we could ‘walk and talk’. She had never seen a wireless headset in action in this way before. Conscious of their duty of care towards their employees, Sally-Ann could see that wireless headsets let people multi-task, move away from their desk whilst on the phone and increased their productivity.

Following her visit, Sally-Ann decided that she wanted to incorporate the way that we worked into her own working life and that of her consultants. After an initial consultation, Sally-Ann chose the Jabra Biz 2400 Duo.

This headset delivered many benefits. Firstly Sally-Ann could type and take notes without any neck pain. As a duo or binaural headset with two ear pieces, the background noise was kept at bay so that she could concentrate better on her calls. The Biz 2400’s noise cancelling technology also reduced the level of background noise transmitted to the client, thus improving their call experience and ensuring confidentiality.


Sally-Ann quickly noticed the benefits that her headset delivered; in particular greater productivity and personal comfort. At the same time her colleagues saw how the headset transformed the way she worked. It was an easy decision from there to extend the use of headsets to all their office based staff.

The Results

Equipping Reality HR’s consultants with headsets, some wireless, some corded proved to be a sound investment.

Sally Ann said that “The headsets have definitely increased our productivity. I am able to capture conversations, take notes in the moment; getting it first time round; I don’t need to waste time after a call typing it up."

Also, “Our staff don’t get neck ache anymore, and it’s great to know we are providing the duty of care that our staff deserve.”

Sally-Ann went as far as to say that using headsets had “moved them away from the dark ages”.

Reality HR now whole heartedly embrace technology and understand the true benefits that having the ‘right tools’ can bring to their business.

The Follow up

A few months later, when Reality HR needed to move offices, Communications Solutions UK were there to support the transition. As headsets are not ‘plug and play’, a number of issues arose with the relocation. But with some trouble shooting over the phone from our experts, system settings were reset and normal service was quickly resumed.

As Reality HR expand and embrace flexible and home working in their business, Communications Solutions UK are continuing to advise them, ensuring that they have the best possible tools to deliver the best possible service to their clients.


"Using headsets has moved us away from the dark ages”

Director, Reality HR

Communications Solutions UK, Reading, RG2 8LW Tel: 0118 920 9420
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