Our hosted telephony platform is based on the feature rich Cisco platform providing all the benefits of a large Enterprise to an individual user or small business.  Features such as call recording and activity reporting are included as standard as well as sophisticated call handling.  In most cases your existing telephone number can be ported across and you can still benefit from reduced line rental costs. Homeworkers are fully integrated into the system and can be incorporated into the answering groups and with user status shown on their phones they can see who is available at a glance.  And with the mobility solutions available your field based staff can have the luxury of carrying their deskphone in their pockets.


On-going annual maintenance costs are a ‘cost of the past’ and most changes to the system can be self administered via the user friendly administration portal or remotely by our internet based ticket helpdesk team.  This system allows you to ‘pay as you grow’, so on day one you only pay for the users you need and as your business grows, you simply order a new telephone handset which will be fully programmed, so when you receive it all you need to do it plug it in and you are up and running.

We understand the importance of reliable communications which is why we provide uncontended voice connection circuits to route calls.  Furthermore we have significantly invested in dual processors, in different datacentres so ensure there is back-up and resilience in our network giving you the peace of mind.

We also understand that managing your budget is important to your business, so with our fixed monthly fee per seat, budgeting is simple – the only other costs are your call charges. If you are looking to spead the cost of ownwership take out one of our Leasing options.



  • Scalable from 1 – XXX users
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • No maintenance charges
  • Future-proofed
  • Reliable
  • Call recording and activity reports
  • Network remote offices
  • Fully integrated home workers
  • Leasing Available


Please contact one of our specialists for more information.

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