Today office communication takes place via different devices and media types – telephone land lines, mobile phones, video conferencing, email and soft phones. Employees can feel stressed and overwhelmed trying to juggle all these channels and still work effectively.


Unified Communications brings together all these devices and interfaces into one single integrated application. Unified Communications is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony, video conferencing, data sharing and call control. Unified communications provides a consistent unified user-interface and user-experience across multiple devices and media-types. In short, UC makes it easier for people to connect, communicate and work together.

The result is more productive employees and smoother interactions.

Not sure what Unified Communications is? This video from Jabra explains why UC is such a fast growing market and how it will improve productivity for your business.

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Top Benefits of Unified Communications


- A Single Inbox

- Efficient Communication

- Cost Savings

- Access From Anywhere


Benefits and Features

Office 365 includes Skype for Business, which lets you have instant messaging (IM), audio and video conversations, and Skype meetings.


  • Add a contact in Skype for Business: add people by name, by instant messaging address, or, if they are in your organization, by phone number. Every contact you add is assigned membership in one or more of your contact groups.
  • Skype for Business instant messaging (IM) is an efficient way to connect with your contacts in real time and on a moment’s notice. Less formal than email, faster than a phone call—IM is tough to beat for speed and ease of use. 
  • Skype for Business PSTN Calling will enable you to make and receive traditional phone calls in your Skype for Business client, and manage these calls with features like hold, resume, forward, and transfer.

  • Skype for Business automatically detects your devices, such as a headset, mic, speakers and cameras. Before you make a call make sure that you have an audio device connected to your computer. We strongly recommend that you check your audio and video devices before joining a meeting or making a call, to make sure you’re all set.

  • You can use Outlook or Outlook Web App to schedule a Skype meeting--the same way you schedule meetings normally but with one or two extra clicks. If your account is configured for dial-in conferencing, the Skype meeting request will automatically include call-in information (phone number and conference ID).

  • You can show your entire desktop or just a program to everyone in a Skype for Business Meeting, call, or instant messaging (IM) conversation. 

  • If you do have access to a computer or if you're using a mobile device and are connected to Wi-Fi, you can connect to the meeting using Skype for Business with the usual functionality--like the ability to see what others are presenting or the ability to present content yourself. For details, see Join a Skype for Business meeting. 


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